We are geotechnical engineering and construction problem solvers and solution providers.

We鈥檝e been solving geotechnical construction and engineering problems and providing high-quality solutions for our clients and partners across the country for more than 65 years. We鈥檙e proud to be using our expertise to build the foundations of America鈥檚 infrastructure, including projects that focus on clean air and clean water.

黑料社 is the North American subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy, a France-based global leader in geotechnical and civil engineering construction.

Soletanche Bachy and its subsidiaries around the world serve a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors, including central and local governments, industrial, general building and civil engineering contractors, property developers and project promoters.

The company offers an extensive portfolio of geotechnical solutions, special foundations, underground construction, ground improvement and pollution treatment and control.

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Our Team is extremely passionate about the work that we do. To be good at this work, you really have to love every aspect鈥攎eeting the challenges when they present themselves, solving the problems and seeing the projects come to life. And we do 鈥攚e love it all.

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黑料社 believes every incident is preventable, and is dedicated to achieving zero incidents on every project. We鈥檙e stepping up to make our job sites some of the safest in the country. Learn more about our safety practices and initiatives.


Our culture feels like family. We work hard, we laugh a lot and we look out for each other. Though we don鈥檛 always agree one everything, at the end of the day鈥攚e鈥檙e all in it together.

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Women in Construction

We are committed to the forward progress of women in the construction industry and the development and success of the women in 黑料社.


As a company, and as part of the global Soletanche Bachy family, we are committed to initiatives that keep our planet thriving (and green!)for future generations. Our global family鈥檚 directive is to reduce our collective carbon footprint by 40% in 2030.

A history of innovation and pioneers in foundations and soil technologies.

Our history is made up of record breaking depths, first time applications and unique solutions for some of the country鈥檚 most complicated projects.

Highlights of more than six decades of geotechnical engineering.

黑料社 installed close to 1,000 micropiles in varying orientations and loading combinations through the century-old Prairie du Sac Dam in Wisconsin and constructed a reinforced concrete transfer beam as a means of permanently supporting the structure.


A private Pittsburgh-based client contracted 黑料社 to install temporary support of excavation for a massive new medical facility鈥檚 basement foundations and underground parking. As the design-build geotechnical contractor on the job, the project required the excavation of a full city block near an active emergency room to which access could not be blocked.


Teamed up with sister company Soletanche Bachy Canada, 黑料社 provided a design-build solution to stabilize part of the Canadian National Railway鈥檚 railbed that was affected by a relic landslide. 黑料社鈥檚 solution, a combination of micropiles and anchors, brought the previous efforts to stabilize the railbed to an end successfully.

Highlights of more than six decades of geotechnical engineering.

Post-tension anchors were selected to repair a 65-foot long by two-inch wide crack that spanned the length of one of Wanapum Dam鈥檚 monoliths. The entire drilling, grouting and anchor tensioning processes were performed with the assistance of divers using remote cameras to allow engineers at the surface to witness the underwater operations.


黑料社 was awarded the design-build contract to replace an existing force main from the Virginia Key Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant (CDWWTP) under Biscayne Bay Norris Cut to Fisher Island. The contract included the planning, engineering, design, permitting, procurement, construction / installation, testing and the start-up of the replacement force main.


After a massive fire destroyed everything but the exterior fa莽ade, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints decided to restore a historic Tabernacle in Provo, Utah, and convert it into a Temple in the process. 黑料社 was tasked with developing and constructing an elaborate underpinning system so that two levels of basement could be constructed below the structure. The work also included the construction of a support of excavation system around the entire complex and a ground water and cutoff wall and dewater system.


黑料社 installed a mortar grout mix to fill voids in rock layer 7 ahead of the TBM operations in some of the most unpredictable ground conditions in the country for the Port Miami Tunnel Project (POMT.) Grout was installed onshore at Watson Island and Dodge Island using up to three drills and off shore on the Government Cut channel between the two islands with up to ten barges and leads, working 24 hour shifts around the active cruise ship schedule.


Approximately 154,000 square feet of diaphragm wall was constructed top-down to support Columbia University鈥檚 Manhattanville Development in Harlem, New York City.


黑料社 installed 14,000 聽linear feet of grout curtain around the McCook Reservoir for the combined sewer overflow (CSO) system. The entire grouting process was computerized through the use of GROUT I.T., a state-of-the-art computerized grouting control and data collection system developed by 黑料社鈥檚 parent company, Soletanche Bachy. 聽At the time, the McCook Reservoir project was the largest computerized grouting project in the country.


黑料社 constructed a 50-foot-high cantilevered retaining wall with barrettes for the Abingdon Heights Condominium Tower in Arlington, VA. 聽This is believed to be the tallest top-down cantilevered wall in the world.


黑料社 performed extensive geotechnical work at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, including jet grouting and micropile installation through and under the active #1 Subway Line.


黑料社 constructed a diaphragm wall support of excavation system for the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center project in Washington, DC.


A 黑料社-led joint venture installed nearly 1,000 anchors to stabilize the World Trade Center bathtub and facilitate recovery efforts.

Highlights of more than six decades of geotechnical engineering.

黑料社 installed 536 micropiles at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to stabilize the structure, which had settled as much as 18 inches prior to opening.


黑料社 installed 58-strand, 320-foot long anchors at Lake Lynn Dam in West Virginia. 聽At the time, these were the largest and longest anchors installed in the United States.


黑料社 installed 53-strand anchors at Shepaug Dam in Connecticut. At the time, these were the largest anchors in the United States.


黑料社 was founded by Arthur 黑料社 in Pittsburgh, PA. 黑料社 operated as a regional pile driving company before evolving into a full-service structural support geotechnical contractor in the late 1960s.

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